Here are some frequently asked questions about using YouWho.
For other inquiries, please contact KakaoTalk @YouWho or E-mail youwho@edgc.com.

Can a non-member place an order?

Genetic information provided by YouWho services are considered as sensitive information under Personal Information Protection Act, and thus shall be provided only to the requesting user. Hence, the service will be provided only to the customers who confirmed their IDs and registered for membership.

Is there an age limit to sign up?

There is no age limit to sign up for YouWho Website. However, for children under age 14, consent from a legal representative is required.

*NOTE* There is no age limit to sign up. However, according to the relevant laws, minors under age 19 cannot request YouWho genetic testing services.

Can minors order and register YouWho services?

YouWho service is not available for minors under the age of 19 according to the relevant laws so they cannot order, pay, or register for services.

How do I get results if I choose to receive the results via mail?

After receiving a message saying YouWho analysis is completed and the result is confirmed, you can check the results immediately on the YouWho homepage. If you chose to receive the mail at the time of purchase and then paid the additional fee, the result report will be printed out and sent to the address where you received the YouWho kit within one week after the completion of analysis. However, please note that there is no difference between a result report checked online and printed and delivered. Please choose whether you want to receive the report via mail and purchase it.

Collect salivas and put a preservative into them.Can I ship it after 3~4 days?

If you put a preservative, it can be stored for up to 6 months but it would be appreciated if you apply as soon as possible for an accurate experiment.

I have ordered a kit. How long will it take to arrive?

YouWho genetic analysis kits are shipped on the same for orders placed before 11 am (weekdays), and those placed after 11 am will be sent by overnight delivery. It takes 2~3 days from the shipping date. It will take 2~5 days for highlands and islands delivery. 

*NOTE* Shipping is unavailable during weekends and holidays. It may be postponed during the end of the year, Lunar New Year holidays, and Chuseok holidays, due to the rising demand of delivery. (Orders placed after 11 am on Friday ~ Sunday): All will be shipped on Monday (4 pm)

I would like to have my orders delivered to multiple addresses.

If you would like your orders to be delivered to multiple addresses, you need to place a separate order for each address. You can designate one address per order.

Is international shipping available?

YouWho services do not ship internationally for the present. We are planning to start overseas shipping in the near future. Thank you for your patience.

My order has not arrived.

You can track your order by logging in and going to “Track Order.” If it shows Delivered, but you have not received the product, please contact customer service of the courier service company or the retail store. If you cannot find any order history and have not received your order, please contact us via YouWho’s KakaoTalk Plus Friend.

I collected my saliva sample and returned it. How can I know whether it arrived to you? 

You can check on the tracking number that you received when you returned it to the EDGC lab. Once the lab receives the kit and the receipt is confirmed, you will see it on MyPage.

How many months can I use the service with the kit I purchased?

The YouWho kit you purchased can be used for up to 5 months. After that, it is impossible to proceed with the test for reasons such as deterioration of the preservative (registration not available) and refund cannot be made. We will provide you with informational SMS and call more than 3 times in advance, so even if you are busy, please return your purchased kit and use the YouWho service. 

I entered the wrong address but the delivery has already started. Can I change the shipping address?

The delivery address cannot be changed after delivery has started. If you want to receive a product that has already departed in a different place, please proceed with repurchase after refund, and enter the new address to receive the product when purchasing. For refunds, please contact customer service.

How long does it take to get the results?

It will take about 2 weeks to get the results report after the saliva sample arrives at the lab.

Can I collect the saliva after drinking any beverages (except water) or smoking?

Please refrain yourself from eating, drinking beverages, chewing gums, smoking, and brushing your teeth 30 minutes before collecting the saliva. Drinking water is not recommended as well. Please bear with this as it is to collect and readily analyze genes.

How reliable is YouWho genetic testing? 

There are around 9,000 data used for YouWho Services and they are all highly reliable. We have also verified that reliable test results are produced through various verification tests. Also, Illumina GSA chips used for DNA testing checks have 700,000 markers. We conduct thorough quality assurance that the data is analyzed only if markers of 98% or more have the precise gene types.

Can a minor use a YouWho kit purchased by an adult?

YouWho service is not available for minors under the age of 19 according to the relevant laws so they cannot order, pay, or register for services. Therefore, please note that if an adult purchases a service and requests a refund because a minor cannot use the YouWho service, the refund is not processed.

'I received the message “Test Failed.” What situation is it?

“Test Failed” occasionally occurs when a customer did not collect enough amount of saliva samples or refrain from eating food for 30 minutes, or do 30-second cheek massage. Even if it is cumbersome, please recollect and return saliva samples with the YouWho kit we send back to you. However, a customer may collect samples without fully understanding the guide so we carry out the test again up to two times including the first test, and after that, we do not proceed with re-test for 'the 

failed test” occurring after the second test.

How can I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel your order, please click “Cancel Order” on MyPage. It will take about 1 week to finalize the refund process after your cancellation.

*NOTE* You cannot cancel your order if the product is already dispatched and ready to be shipped. Make sure to request a refund with the kit unopened.

Can I get a refund for the unopened kit?

If you have not opened the kit delivered to you, you can get a refund. However, please note that you should bear the shipping expenses if you request a refund for change of mind or personal reasons.

I have received a notification message saying that I need retesting. Can I get a refund without retaking the test?

You cannot get a refund once you already took the genetic test. If genes are not properly collected from the saliva sample that you sent, retesting is required. A new kit will be shipped in such case so that you can collect your saliva again. Please note that the kit will not be refunded.

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